ABC Home Improvements


Customer Review - Andrea L.:

“I asked Andy's advice as a second opinion after the contractor my insurance company recommended (also a reputable firm) gave me a quote. He found many areas in the original quote that were overpriced and unnecessary. He also suggested a better, more permanent solution to an issue -although more costly. Even with this solution, I saved money from the original quote! I was able to customize the colors of the project, even with it being repair work. The crew fixed other problems they noticed either at no cost or very reasonable- but only after consulting with me first. They were efficient, clean, timely, and professional.  Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

Customer Review - Patrick M.:

Comments: "Andy has done work on my house three different times, and all have been completed on-time within budget and have met, well actually exceeded expectations." Top Qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time

Customer Review - Ida-Meri D.:

Comments: "We hired Andy to work on our home in Delaware and he provided excellent service; a good job with good value, High Integrity

Customer Review - Greg P.:

Comments: Andy has done basic remodeling, roof structure repair, and misc. repairs. Andy's work has been above quality. He made sure we were aware of process and his prices have been great.

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